Our Facility

Facility Parking Lot

Municipal Maintenance Company's facility is conveniently located in Cinnaminson, New Jersey. The facility is situated on 3.5 acres of land and consists of 35,000 square feet of office, shop, and warehouse space.

Facility Warehouse

The warehouse is used to store materials and equipment for the repair of large equipment. The warehouse is equipped with a 15 ton overhead crane to handle the largest jobs.

Facility is used to store materials and equipment for the repair of large equipment

The shop is used for machine work, fabrication, and equipment rebuilds. The shop's capabilities include the following:



  • Boom truck (30,000lb lifting capacity)
  • (5) Crane trucks (4,000lb – 6,000lb lifting capacity)
  • Flatbed truck (18 ft bed, 30,000 GVW)
  • Multiple Godwin diesel bypass pumps and associated piping
  • (3)Temporary generators ((2)125KW, (1)350KW)
  • Submersible pumps
  • Laser leveling equipment
  • Portable lathe
  • Portable air compressor (185 CFM)
  • Polysonics flow meter
  • Clear water flow meter
  • Forklifts
  • Line stopping air bags (various sizes)
  • Portable boring bar
  • Confined space breathing apparatus (supplied air)
  • Confined space equipment
  • Core drills
  • 26' self powered scissor lift
  • Bridge cranes (15 & 2 ton) & jib Cranes (1/2 ton each)
  • Panafab, Inc vertical blower lift
  • Lathes to 88" diameter
  • Schenk dynamic balancer
  • Vertical boring machine to 66"
  • Climax portable lathe
  • Climax portable boring bar
  • Air compressors
  • Ludeca laser alignment system
  • Emergency generators
  • Vertical mills
  • SKF vibration equipment
  • Portable tachometer
  • Vertical press